Welcome to FitBuddies!

We aim to provide a friendly, supportive, fun environment for your training. Don't get us wrong, we will push you right out of your comfort zone and ensure you get results but FitBuddies is as much about having fun and encouraging each other as it is about getting fit and changing your body shape.

We run instructor led sessions indoors and outdoors at various locations including bootcamps, kettlebells, boxfit, circuits, spinning and running as well as adhoc 'team sessions'. Team sessions may not be instructor led but run by members or guests and offer the opportunity to try something new or to train together in a group outside of class times. We also love team events in anything you might fancy trying! And then there are the socials...

We are passionate about training people and we are motivated by the buzz of being on a journey with the people we train and seeing them achieve what they once thought impossible. Whether you are a total beginner or already super-fit, we will push you and get you to the next level, wherever you want that to be!